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  • Writing in Social Studies

    Writing is thinking and when students write in Social Studies they must think critically about the events and issues they are studying.  Four basic types of writing are frequently used in Social Studies:  reporting, exposition, narration, and argumentation.  Students can report the basic facts about an event or person.  They can explain an idea or compare and contrast events.  Students can narrate an event from the point of view of a participant, or argue and defend or refute an idea or belief.  All of these types of writing demand that students think critically about the content they are exploring.




    Below are downloadable files that will help you understand what is the question asking (ie  break down the task) and organize your ideas into a logical answer that fully addresses all aspects of the task. 

    There is a comprehensive outline on how to structure your DBQ essay (what should be in each paragraph, how to cite supporting evidence/information that you use etc) on the Writing the DBQ Essay page - just follow the link below or click on the page name in the left hand menu





    The other type of Essay students are asked to be successful in writing on the Regents exam is the Thematic Essay. This essay can often seem overwhelming to students as, unlike the Document Based Essay, it provides no information with that the students can use to structure the response around. To correctly structure a successful Thematic Essay in a way that will ensure a great final product essay, that are several guidelines that one can follow -   just follow the link below or click on the page name in the left hand menu 





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