Writing the DBQ Essay

  • Writing the DBQ Essay




    1. The essay must include at least four paragraphs: an introduction, two (or more) body paragraphs and the conclusion
      1. Each paragraph should aim to be at least 4-6 sentences


    Plan Your Essay:

    1. After answering the document scaffolding questions, plan your essay – use an outline or graphic organizer.
      1. Outline each paragraph

                           i.      What are your major points

                           ii.      Which documents will you use as support/evidence


    Writing the Essay:

    1. The introduction paragraph must include –
      1. Theme/definition in sentence form
      2. Thesis statement (argument you are looking to prove/disprove) which addresses the topic, is based on the documents and is clear/comprehensive


    1. Body paragraphs must address all aspects of the task
    2. Body paragraphs must include - 
      1.  Specific details that address the topic
      2. Supporting details/evidence from the documents

                              i.      All evidence from the documents must be clearly cited

                              ii.      Examples 

    • “As shown in document 5, Thomas Jefferson believed………….
    •  or “(doc #5)” at end of reference

      1. include at least 2 pieces of outside information

                               i.      All outside information must be cited by adding an (OI) at the end of your sentence



    1. The conclusion must re-state your thesis statement