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  • US History Regents Review 

    Welcome to our class Regent Review Resource Page.  Here you will find a variety of resources to help you adequately prepare for the US History Regents exam.  It is not expected that you utilize every resource provided here, but rather this page is aimed to provide a little something for everyone, whether you prefer to work on vocabulary, practice essays, or go over notes packets.  

    First we have our Review Apps - for those who just can't be separated from their phone, ever.

    Review Apps 

    1. Exam Busters NY Regents US History prep Flashcards (found on iTunes - $6.99)

    2. US History Regents Buddy  (found on iTunes $1.99)

    Don't Forget: 

    Check out Studying 101 - your one stop shop for essential tips on how to be more successful in your preparation for exams  

    Class Review Materials: 

    At the bottom of the page, under Related Files, you can find a selection of study resources to help you in your preparations for the US History Regents Exam.  These include, among others, a copy of our Review Notes packet handed out in class, a 250 Facts to Pass The US History Regents Exam handout, a US History Regents informational ppt and several other miscellaneous handouts that identify Big Ideas, offer practice quizzes, and offer suggested test-taking strategies.  Other handouts distributed in class will be added.  

    For those who still can't get enough US History Review, check out the AIS US History page (here or via the menu on the left) for additional resources, such as helpful videos and relevant links to related review websites.   

Related Files