Syllabus & Expectations

  • 10th Grade Global History and Geography Syllabus

    Mr. Fitzgerald


    “History is not about dates and quotes and obscure provisos.  History is about life, about change, about consequences, cause and effect.  It’s about the mystery of human nature, the mystery of time.  And it isn’t just about politics and the military and the social issues, which is almost always the way it’s taught. It’s about music and poetry and drama and science and medicine and money and love.”

    - David McCullough, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author


    Course Description:  The Global History and Geography II curriculum examines the history, ideas, and issues of the modern era from a multiplicity of perspectives.  From the impact of modern science, technological breakthroughs, and industrialization to revolutions, imperialism, globalization, new ideologies, World Wars, conflict, and cooperation, students will increase their understanding of the world in which they live.  From Africa to Asia, from Europe to South America, from the Global North to the Global South, students will delve into topics and events that are perhaps familiar but also rich in opportunities for intellectual analysis and examination.  In June, students will take the Global History and Geography Regents examination, an examination covering the two years of the Global History and Geography course.


     Course Outline:  The following units will be covered during the year

    • Module 1: Age of Revolutions (1750 - 1914)
      • American, French & Latin American Revolutions
      • Birth of Nationalism, Unification & Division
      • Industrial Revolution (Causes & Effects)
    • Module 2: ½ Century of Crisis (1900 – 1950)
      • Imperialism 
      • World War 1 & Birth of National Communism
      • Rise of Totalitarianism & World War 2
    • Module 3: The World Since WW2 (1945 – Present)
      • The Cold War & Emergence of Communism in Asia
      • Spread of Nationalism & Growth of Decolonization
    • Module 4: Contemporary Issues (1980 – Today)
      • Growth of the Global Market Place
      • Human Rights Violations Today
      • International Security Issues 


    Materials:  Students should have a 1-2” binder and a notebook.  All students will receive unit packets that will require them to complete class work & homework textbook assignments, DBQ’s, current events & extra credit.  It is very important that students keep these safe.  Additional copies can be generated & made available on the class webpage.

    Texts:  The primary textbook for this course will be “World History – Connections to Today”.  This textbook is provided by the school district.

    Conference/Help Periods:  Students are always welcome to come to the teacher with any questions or to receive extra help.  I can be reached most efficiently through email & and encourage you to ask any questions you may have.  I will also be available during 7th period every day.  Students are also welcome to schedule a meeting with the teacher before school, during lunch, or after school.

    Attendance Policy:  In accordance with school policy students are expected to be in class each day on time unless there is a valid, legal excuse.  When possible the student should notify the teacher of an absence ahead of time so the student can be made aware of what they will be missing.  Students who are absent are expected to either check the class website while they are out of school, or come to the teacher when they return, to find out what they have missed and to obtain any material or assignments.  It is the student’s responsibility to come to the teacher after an absence to see what they have missed and to get assignments.


    Grading Policy

    Final Exam Clip Art Clipart

    Students’ grades will be based on the following criteria:

    -        Tests/Quizzes                   50%

    -        Essays & Projects              25%

    -        Homework                        25%

    -        Extra Credit                5%


    There will be numerous extra credit opportunities for students.  These assignments will either be specifically designated by the teacher or the student may present possible assignments (i.e. reading a book about a topic in Global History and writing a report or having a discussion about it with the teacher). Extra credit assignments will be available to all students but will only impact positively the grades of those who show a consistent effort in this class.­­­­­­


    Classroom Behavior & Expectations

    You are a member of a community of learners.  For any community to thrive, certain concepts must be embraced.  In our community, I expect the following general behavior of all students:

      -          RESPECT:  

    -          All students will respect themselves, their community members and their learning environment.

    -          READINESS:

    -          All students must attend class everyday and ready to actively participate in daily activities.

    -           RESPONSIBILITY:  

    -          All students must accept responsibility for themselves and their actions.