AIS US History

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    AIS - US History

    Welcome to AIS for US History. This class will be a Regents prep class, designed to provide a review of the main themes, concepts, events and vocabulary from the US History Curriculum while simultaneously further developing the necessary skills to be successful on the US History and Government Regents exam.     

    Each class will address the essential content from a portion of the curriculum and will include a quiz, constructed using past Regents questions, relating to material reviewed that day.  Additionally, there will be computer lab classes scheduled to offer students further resources and strategies for preparing for the exam.  Review books will be made available for students to borrow for the duration of their enrollment in the class. Please let me know if you are interested. 

    Below are several video tutorial reviewing some of the basic skills needed to write good essays for the Regents Exam. This will also be addressed in class.  

    Video Tutorials - 

    • How to a Write a Thematic Essay (including application to two common themes 
    • How to Write a DBQ Essay 
    • Strategies for Better Guessing 

    How to Write a Thematic Essay



    Two Common Essay Topics that should be paid attention to ..........

    1) Checks & Balances

    3) Reform in American Society



    The Document Based Question Essay .......



     When all else and you just have to guess................


    Just skip the section of the video where he repeats himself


    Review Apps 

    1. Exam Busters US History NY Regents App  (found on iTunes - $5.99)

    2. US History Regents Buddy  (found on iTunes $1.99)