Studying 101

  • Studying 101

    1.  Be informed about the format & content of the test
    2. Try to study in a space with good lighting & minimal distractions
    3. Try to study with soft music or in a quiet place.  Turn off the TV & put away the phone
    4. Find a time that you can study regularly.  Try not to study when hungry or tired. 
    5. Set Goals!!!! And stick to them!!!!
    6. Don’t cram!!!  Doing a little bit every day is more effective than doing a lot at once.
    7. Repetition is important.  Re-read notes or materials several times.
    8. Take short breaks regularly.  Aim to take a few minutes break every 25 minutes or so. 
    9. Challenge yourself while studying.  Every so often, cover your notes & summarize them out loud or in writing. 
    10. Create study aids to help you stay organized.
      1. Make an list of main ideas from your notes
      2. Create a timeline of important dates/events
      3. Make flash cards or important vocabulary
      4. Have someone quiz you on material you have studied


     Test Day Tips

    • Get a good nights sleep – nothing bests being fully rested
    • Have a healthy breakfast
    • Bring water to your exam – Hydration is your friend
    • Pack extra pens/pencils 


    Review tips for various learning styles


    Tips for the visual learner

    • Where possible, use visual aids – charts, maps, videos
    • Use color coding (different color highlighters) to focus on main ideas
    • Make lists of important/main ideas
    • Quickly review material by looking at pictures/headings


    Tips for the Auditory learner

    • Recite information out loud
    • Form study groups or study with a friend (choose carefully)
    • Speak out loud when making flashcards or reading through notes